Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Do you wanna know I lost 5kg before my wedding (in a healthy way)? Of course you do! This Wedding Weight Loss Plan is what I did to achieve my goal. Your goal might be different from mine but I’m pretty sure each (and I really mean each and every) bride wants to feel confident on her wedding day!

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

1. Focus!

Get your head in the game! Before you jump on the fast diet train get your head right. Diets don’t work! Ask me, I have tried it a million times. This is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. Getting married is the perfect reason for you to start living healthy and happy. Nobody wants to be the ‘here comes the bride – all fat and wide!’ You have to change your entire mindset. Get all the bad sugars and carbs out of your kitchen and stick motivational quotes all over your house.

2. Keep Track!

Keep track of everything you eat and drink (yup even if you ate chocolate) and also of your exercises. This is a very motivational method to actually see why you are getting certain results. Download our free Workout tracker here and your free eating tracker here. Whoop whoop freebies.

3. Herbalife!

Herbalife has changed my life! This is honestly my secret tip for losing weight in a healthy way. Herbalife has the most delicious flavor shakes that is filled with vitamins and minerals. Herbalife’s Formula 1 shake is a meal replacement if you want to lose some weight and stay healthy. For the first 3 weeks, I replaced my breakfast and dinner with a shake and from the fourth week till present, I drink a shake for breakfast.

If you are interested in buying Herbalife feel free to send me an email at

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

4. Be a Mermaid!

(Confession) So I’m a little bit obsessed with mermaids! This tip is all about drinking water! Yes girl, that’s what mermaids do, like the entire time. Water is your best friend! Stay hydrated.

5. Adventure Babe!

Does anyone else also hate the idea of working out? I realized that I don’t need to be a gym junkie to be healthy and fit. I love the outdoors, adventure and hiking. Exercise is so important to be a healthy human. Find out what type of exercise you love and go for it! Maybe it is walking the dogs, dancing or even swimming. Find something that you see as fun and not punishment.

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

6. Coffee

Coffee is a great way to kick-start your metabolism. Try to drink coffee without sugar or milk if possible. Did you know Coffee drinkers have less risk of heart disease? Yay this means you can still have your coffee dates with your bride tribe.

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

7. You are BEAUTIFUL!

Beautiful Bridey, your fiance loves you so dearly! Don’t join the sick world where everything is about the number on the scale. It’s good that you want to be healthy and happy but never set unrealistic goals.

Wedding Weight Loss Plan

Please comment below on what you think about this Wedding Weight Loss Plan. Remeber to PIN these images for later and feel free to share some love on Facebook and Instagram.



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