The Dark Side of Weddings

the Darkside of Weddings

The Dark Side of Weddings

Gasp! Did you just read the heading of this blog post correctly? Is there truly such a thing as the dark side of weddings? Mmm dark side is maybe a bit dramatic but there are a few not-so-fairytale-like things about weddings:

1. Comparison

There is a reason why this is Nr. 1 on my list! We live in a sick era where ‘comparison’ is our worst enemy thanks to social media. Yes social media is awesome and it gives us a lot of inspiration and ideas but it can also make you feel empty and worthless when you compare yourself to some of those brides. A comparison can also appear in friendships or family.

Tips for winning this dark side of weddings:

Try to spend less time on social media and more time with your fiancé and your best friends. Stay true to who you are and remember what a wedding is all about: it is not about all the glitz and glam but about you marrying your best friend.

2. Guest-list

This is one of the first steps in your wedding planning journey and can easily become one of the dark sides of weddings. Maybe you have a small family and your fiancé have a big family, maybe you just want to invite your close friends and family but your mother wants to invite the entire family (even those uncles you have never met before).

Tips for winning this dark side of weddings:

Remember even though it is your wedding you have to honor your parents and fiancé. Have a house meeting where you communicate the total guests you can invite, then try to split the guest list 50/50 between you and your fiancé. Try to give at least 20% of the guest list to your parents for them to invite their friends.

3. Budget

The budget can be such a taboo topic when it comes to weddings and the dark side of weddings, but honestly, it doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately, money doesn’t grow on trees and we all have to budget, but you can still have your dream wedding even if you have a strict budget.

Tips for winning this dark side of weddings:

Open communication! Design a Google Sheets Doc and share it with all the parties helping to pay for the wedding. The more you communicate with everyone the less drama there will be. You can also buy our ebook which is filled with budget tips.

4. People Pleasing

This one is super hard for me personally. I am such a people pleaser so I think in this case you should please give me tips in the comments below.

5. Family Issues

This is a topic we also never talk about but it is real. Almost every family has their own issues. You don’t want your family issues to spoil your dream wedding.

Tips for winning this dark side of weddings:

My best tip is to inform your wedding vendors about your family dynamics. Your photographer needs to know who shouldn’t be in the same photo. When you do your table seating arrangements be clever with who you want to be seated where and avoid those negative aunties as much a possible!

6. Bridesmaids

This is just sad! Have you been to a wedding where the bridesmaids are more worried about themselves then the bride? I mean, how ridiculous! But it is real.

Tips for winning this dark side of weddings:

Be super careful who you ask to be your bridesmaids! Rather just ask your best friend then all 20 school friends. Also, make sure when you set up the program, give your bridesmaids more than enough time to get ready and make sure they are ready 2 hours before the ceremony or photoshoot.

7. People Canceling last minute

This is just such bad style! Can I say it again please: THIS IS BAD STYLE!! I can believe that some people have such bad manners to cancel 3 weeks to 3 days before a wedding after you already paid for everything.

Tips for winning this dark side of weddings:

This will happen, you just have to accept it and prepare for it. People will, unfortunately, disappoint you on your wedding but try to focus on those real friends that will do anything for you. This is really a dark side of weddings and it sucks! The idea of this blog post is not to make you feel depressed but to make you alert for these things so it doesn’t knock you off your feet.

8. Post Wedding Depression

It is a real thing yup! And it is the worst feeling on earth. Your wedding is such a super high and the best feeling in the world and then comes the honeymoon! This is even better, I mean spending a whole week or more with your hubby in an exotic destination is pretty epic. BUT, then real life kicks you in the face. You have to go back to work, pay bills, cook etc.

Tips for winning this dark side of weddings:


  • Design your own wedding album. This is a fun project to remind you of your magical day while getting slowly used to reality again.
  • Start planning your next adventure travels with your hubby, even if it is only in a year from now.
  • If children are still in the far future, why don’t you adopt a pet? Just make sure you have enough space for your pet and time to spend with him/her.

the dark side of weddings

There you have it lovely bridey. The Dark Side of Weddings blog post should inspire you to avoid these bad boys! Please share your thoughts with me in the comments or if I left anything out. Also feel free to share some love by sharing this post on social media or Pin it for later.

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