The Groom Challenge

The Groom Challenge

The Groom Challenge

Beautiful Bridey, its time to tag your hubby-to-be in this ultimate challenge: The Groom Challenge.

The Groom Challenge is here to make sure you, the groom, don’t forget something and to help you be the best groom ever for your lovely Bridey! So go grab your notepad, pen and a strong cup of coffee -things are about to get real.

1. Pop The Champers

Rule nr.1 is all about celebrating the engagement with everyone. Before you start stressing about the budget and leave for the honeymoon take a moment and celebrate. People are going to ask you a million times how you proposed, just put on your smile and tell the story. You will receive lots of engagement gifts and letters, enjoy the moment and be grateful for all your loved ones.

2. It’s Your Wedding Too.

Be present. Help your bridey with the planning. Show interest. Brides love weddings way more than grooms do (usually) but it’s your wedding too. Even if you don’t really care if the bridesmaids’ dresses should be blush-pink or salmon-pink, take part in the decision proses. Even if you have to fake it, do it with a smile.

3. Date Night

You are still dating the girl of your dreams, don’t forget to take her out on date nights and have fun together during this engagement season. Have a rule that during date night you guys may not talk about the wedding. It is good to sometime forget about the wedding stress and just enjoy each other.

4. Go On An Adventure

Instead of a traditional bachelor’s take you guys out on an adventure. Go for the weekend to the Drakensberg and do some extreme hiking. This is the best bonding for you and your guys and will help you get your heart pumping and your head clean. I would love to still meet a guy who doesn’t love adventure and this my friend is the perfect excuse!

The Groom Challenge

5. Money Money Money

Ugh, that topic again? One word here: communication. (Actually, communication is the key to a happy marriage hehe but more on that later). Be part of the budget proses. Have a fixed budget and stay within. Be realistic about what amount you can add to the budget and make sure you and bridey are on the same page.

6. Honeymoon

My friend, this one is your biggest baby! Do effort! This is a once in a lifetime experience and you don’t want to disappoint bridey! Make sure you budget for everything, all the food, travel costs, shopping, fun activities and drinks. Remember to book something crazy on your honeymoon like Bundy jumping or swimming with dolphins.

7. Be Real

Your wedding day is kinda a big deal. Don’t forget to be real. Show emotion!

The Groom Challenge

The Groom Challenge

The Groom Challenge

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