Fun Wedding | Conrad & Inge

Fun Wedding | Conrad & Inge

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming but luckily Inge shares with us how she planned the perfect Fun Wedding!

Fun Wedding

The love story:

Conrad & I met each other when we were both in Grade 8, we were in separate schools but had mutual friends so had a lot of socials together.

We actually both had a secret crush on each other since then but only started dating in our first year. He studied at Stellenbosch University and I was at Tuks, so we had a long-distance relationship for three and a half years.

Visiting him in Stellenbosch were some of the best memories during my varsity years.

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

The proposal:

After being closer to each other for about a year and a half he proposed on Saturday the 16th of September at Coetzenburg in Stellenbosch- the same place where he had asked me out five years ago.

I did not expect anything at all because he kept on telling me that he still needed to ask my parents’ permission, so I even went bold and had my nails done in blue (definitely not the colour I would have chosen if I knew what was going to happen, but now I will never forget that).

As we walked up the hill he told me to look to the right and when I turned to him again he was on his one knee- cliché I know, but it was incredibly special.

He had actually planned to ask the BIG question the following day at The 12 Apostles Hotel with a nice picnic and roses but he couldn’t keep the secret any longer.

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

My Fun Wedding day  in one word:


Fun Wedding

The wedding planning:

I love planning, so I enjoyed almost every part of it. The venue was quite easy as we had our eyes on it from even before being engaged and luckily for us they had a date available in March, so I had six months to plan everything.

I struggled a bit to find our photographer and videographer as there are too many options to choose from and everyone’s prices and packages vary a lot, but we decided, and I couldn’t be happier with my choices.

Finalising the guests were also a bit difficult as the budget definitely had an influence. Dress fitting was some of the best parts and I was so confused at a stage I didn’t know how I was going to choose, because everything I tried on was beautiful, but at the end there was that one dress that was just ‘Wow!’ and that was when I knew.

Love is friendship set on fire – Jeremy Taylor

It is completely different to what I had thought in the beginning, but I just felt like a princess and that is the one day where I should feel like one. The not so much fun parts were discussing the budget and sending the invoices to be paid and the fact that my mom and I also had a few fights as the time came closer.

My fiancé and I actually just wanted to do things a bit different and my mom liked everything traditional, but at the end, we found great compromises so that everyone was happy!

My family is very good with organising events so with the help of them we decided on the décor and flowers and only the day before the wedding I did not realize that it was all going to work together that well, because when you are planning it’s difficult to see the bigger picture of how it will all come together.

The week before the wedding I initially planned that I was going to do nothing but there are always those last minute stationary and letters that need to be done.

The weather also played a role in my planning prior to the wedding as it is March and the rainfall is very unpredictable, and our ceremony was going to be outside as well as the canapes and the venue didn’t really have a plan B option.

But from the beginning, I told myself that that is out of my control and we will deal with it when it comes down to it.

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

The wedding day:

I woke up to a rainy cold day which looked like it is going to rain the entire day! I couldn’t help but cry because the venue is perfect for an outside, sunny day.

People would then tell me, ‘rain is a blessing’, but that is the last thing you want to hear on your wedding day, especially if a lot of things are planned to happen outside.

My bridesmaids did a great job to keep me positive, but my emotions were on a roller coaster ride. The morning of the wedding we organised a stretch tent (which were completely out of budget) but at the end, it worked so well. While my hair and makeup were being done, I was so calm and the rain actually stopped.

“From this day forward, you shall not walk alone.”

As my dad and I was approaching the venue in a vintage car, I started to feel the nerves, I almost couldn’t breathe but my dad kept telling me to relax, take it easy.

As I was walking down the aisle I couldn’t help the tears rolling underneath my veil, that moment is too big to describe to anyone. Almost at the end of the ceremony, the sun came through shining on my dress and the crystals sparkled! I wanted to jump up and down with joy!

We entered the reception with the song Best day of my life and that was such a fun moment. Our speeches were short and sweet, our food and wine were amazing, our first dance was so special (even though we forgot a few steps) and everyone just had a great time.

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Tips for other brides:

Don’t let anyone or anything ruin your special day

Remember to take your ring to be cleaned in the week before your wedding and think of the logistics of both the rings and how it should get to the ceremony

Remember to eat and try to get enough rest in especially the week before

Make sure to have a cool box with snacks and drinks for the day before when you are setting up

Give each of the bridal party a specific task for the day

Organise snacks and drinks for the day when you are getting ready

Make sure to have a list of all the people you want to take photos with (family, close friends) at the wedding

After the ceremony we spend about an hour with our guest before taking photos, which I felt worked great

Dance as much as you can and try to spend time with all the different groups- this is really difficult if you have a big wedding that is why we also had a get-together the night prior to the wedding

Remember to budget for waiters and barmen

Remember to count the bride and groom as part of the total guests

Try to do your table seating in such a way that it can still be changed close to the wedding as there are always someone that is going to cancel

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

Who made it happened:

Venue: Ground, Muldersdrift

Photographer: Stephanie Grace Photography

Videographer: First Kiss Films

DJ: Hauman Sounds

Wedding dress: Bridal Manor (Maggie Sottero)

Bridesmaid dresses: Forever New

Hair: My sister

Make-up: Make-up by Samantha Baker

Grooms suit: Khaliques

Groomsmen bow-ties: Eden Leather & Co

Décor: Evoque Events

Flowers: done by family

Fun Wedding

Fun Wedding

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