Engaged? What now?

Engaged? What now?

“Congratulations on your engagement!” You have heard this a lot recently, you were on this super high but now reality starts to kick in. Engaged? What now?

What are the first things you need to do after you got engaged?


1. Set a date!

Before you can book anything, you need to set a date. The date determines everything else. When do you want to get married? How long do you need to save for your wedding? During what season do you want to have your wedding?

2. Set the budget.

Who is helping pay for the wedding? You need to have this ‘not-so-nice’ talk with your fiance, your parents, and his parents! Having a fixed budget will make everything so much easier and stress-free!

3. Book your venue.

As soon as you have your date and a budget you need to book your venue! Most venues are booked a year in advance, so this is your number one vendor to book! Here are our top wedding venues.

4. Book your photographer.

The photographer is the second most important vendor. You need to book your photographer as soon as possible. The really good photographers are also usually booked a year in advance. Make sure you invest in the best! Weddings can get so expensive so you want to make sure you have beautiful photographs of all the details. View our favorite photographers here.

5. Get a wedding planner!

After these four steps you need to get a proper wedding planner, you need to have space to write down all your ideas, favorite wedding vendors, somewhere to do your wedding budget and have a wedding countdown. Have a look at our wedding planner. This will make your wedding planning so much easier and much more fun!

Engaged? What now?

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